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In the range of Gauges and Setting Standards KOBA offers optimal solutions for customers. This includes high quality Limit Gauges for attributive checking of work pieces as well as Setting Masters and Reference Standards for Length Measuring Comparators.

Gauges are used to check standard dimensions and are mainly used in quality assurance.
They are reference standards for previously defined dimensions and shapes.
A gauge embodies the physical dimension or form (standard).
A gauge is only used to check, not to measure. No numerical value is determined,
but only the target state (gauge) is compared with the actual state of the test specimen. Its application provides a clear statement (good or reject).
Tolerances are either found in applicable standards or are determined according to design considerations.
Gauges are usually made of hardened tool steel, while the measuring surfaces are made of carbide and are usually fine ground or lapped.
Gauges can be divided into the categories of dimension gauges, form gauges and limit gauges. A further distinction is made between plain gauges and thread gauges.

Feeler Gauges

For checking flat fits. New designs with reversible measuring inserts extend the service life

Flat gauges

Limit gauges are used to check plane-parallel internal dimensions. A particularly frequent application is the inspection of grooves in shafts and hubs. The gauges are dimensionally stabilized and compression lapped in a special process, making them particularly wear-resistant.

Setting Ring Gauges

for setting internal measuring instruments

Cylindrical Gauges

for checking round fits as well as shafts and bores

Spline Gauges

for testing workpieces with straight or involute splines

Reference Cylinders

For checking right angles according to the light gap method or intermediate sensing by gauge blocks or feeler gauges.
Also for testing and acceptance of machine tools in conjunction with dial gauges or measuring probes

Morse Taper Gauges / Steep Taper Gauges

Taper gauges have the function of an inspection gauge for the inner or outer taper of a workpiece. Taper gauges are available for Morse Tapers MK 0 to MK 6 and Steep Tapers SK 30 to SK 60

Precision Measuring Balls

Measuring balls are used as dimensional standards and for adjusting or checking measuring instruments, machines and devices

Thread Gauges

Thread gauges are used to check threads for compliance with the permissible tolerances. The thread pitch is checked for a given edge steepness. A classification is obtained as to whether the workpiece is “Good / Go” or “Rejects / NoGo”

Measuring Pins

Suitable as setting standards or for checking bores and distances as well as to measure prisms.

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