Our products make the difference

Precision and security for your production

Every product is made by KOBA and stands for precise manufacturing in Germany – tested according to quality standards. Thus we create the basis for accuracy and quality in your production.

Standards for 3-D coordinate metrology

Here you will find devices for your industrial production and monitoring.

Test specimens for measuring equipment

Inform yourself about our standards and test specimens for the monitoring of your measuring and test equipment

Gauge Blocks

A quality product with over 75 years of experience and research to perfection.

Accessories for Gauge Blocks

You benefit from a versatile use of gauge blocks in production metrology and test equipment monitoring.

Gauges and Setting Standards

We can also supply you with high-quality limit gauges for checking flat fits

Precision Engineering

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Our manufacturing with unique precision technologies

Our strength lies in complete solutions. We manufacture your high-precision products from saw cutting to finish machining in the 0.0001 mm range, including comprehensive quality control.

KOBA – Kolb und Baumann – Hersteller für Präzisions-Messzeuge - Produkte - Präzisionstechnologie

We manufacture the right parts individually for your application.

Our range of services includes:
– Milling
– Vibratory finishing
– Rough grinding
– Surface grinding
– Lapping
– Hand Lapping


Kolb & Baumann GmbH & Co. KG
Factory for precision measuring tools

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E-Mail: messzeuge@koba.de

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