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Quality assurance services

The demands placed on quality assurance in industry have grown steadily due to economic considerations, legal regulations (e.g. manufacturer’s liability, machine protection law) and requirements imposed by customers (e.g. ISO 9000). The effective legal regulations and normative guidelines force the manufacturers to provide evidence of all measures taken for quality assurance. This also includes the monitoring of the test equipment used for production. Since test equipment is subject to natural wear and tear during use, it is necessary to set up a monitoring system. To meet this requirement, we have set up the KOBA Calibration Service – KKS.
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KOBA Calibration Service (KKS)

All common quality assurance standards require the calibration of the measuring and testing equipment relevant to quality. A DAkkS calibration of this measuring and testing equipment is commonly very cost-intensive or not available. This is exactly where the KOBA Calibration Service (KKS) comes in. It offers professional and competent calibrations at moderate prices. The KKS benefits from the expertise of the in-house DAkkS laboratory and partly uses its infrastructure. The existing DAkkS accreditation on the basis of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 also ensures that all calibrations carried out in the KKS meet the requirements of the quality assurance standards.
Within the framework of the KOBA Calibration Service Kolb & Baumann only offers calibrations which can be carried through with the available metrological equipment. This equipment is integrated into the inspection equipment monitoring of the DKD laboratory and is accredited according the demands of the accreditation body (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt PTB). The KOBA Calibration Service KKS thus offers calibration services at the highest level for a wide range of measuring equipment.

DAkkS Calibration

Since 1979 Kolb & Baumann GmbH & Co. KG has been running a calibration laboratory accredited to DIN ISO/IEC 17025. From 1979 to March 2011 the calibration laboratory had been accredited by the German Calibration Service (DKD) under No. DKD-K-01301. As from 29.03.2011 the calibration laboratory will continue as a DAkkS-laboratory under No. D-K-15077-01-00.
The corresponding EU (European Union) regulation has been executed and the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS) now is the only legal calibration body of the Federal Republic of Germany. All former accreditation bodies have been taken over by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH.
Originally the accreditation merely comprised gauge blocks, being the most important measuring standard for traceability of the unit length. In course of years demands on calibration of test bodies were substantially extended with regard to the quality assurance standards ISO 9000, QS 9000 and VDA 6. According to this development also KOBA has reasonably extended the range of accreditation and today is in a position to carry through DAkkS calibration for the most important test bodies.

For calibration requirements beyond our accreditation we cooperate with the most competent and qualified DAkkS calibration laboratories

DAkkS-Certificate of KOBA

KOBA – Kolb und Baumann – Hersteller für Präzisions-Messzeuge - Services - DAKKS - Kalibrierung

Calibration options / service

We offer our customers the inspection of the following gauges and measuring equipment:
Thread Gauges (according to national and international standards), Snap Gauges, Micrometers, Plug Gauges, Calipers, Ring Gauges, Height Calipers, Setting Gauges, Dial Gauges, Spline Gauges, Dial Calipers, Special gauges, etc.
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Gauge block comparators

Gauge block comparators for gauge blocks KKS and DAkkS

KOBA – Kolb und Baumann – Hersteller für Präzisions-Messzeuge - Services - Kalibrieren - Laengenmesstaster

Length gauge

Length gauge for step standards KKS and DAkkS
KOBA – Kolb und Baumann – Hersteller für Präzisions-Messzeuge - Services - Kalibrieren - ULM


ULM for length measurements, thread measurements,ring gauges
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Flatness measurements

Flatness measurements of high gloss and mat surfaces KKS and DAkkS
KOBA - Kolb und Baumann - Messerwerkzeuge - Services - Rundheitsmessungen KKS

Roundness measurements

Roundness measurements KKS
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Our manufacturing with unique precision technologies

Our strength lies in complete solutions. We manufacture your high-precision products from saw cutting to finish machining in the 0.0001 mm range, including comprehensive quality control.

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We manufacture the right parts individually for your application.

Our range of services includes:
– Milling
– Vibratory finishing
– Rough grinding
– Surface grinding
– Lapping
– Hand Lapping

Our success stories: Selected project references of highest precision.

Our relentless commitment to the highest precision in every step of work defines us, but nothing surpasses our pursuit of complete customer satisfaction. The fact that we can excite renowned customers with our work fills us with great pride. Discover who already relies on our expertise.