Kolb & Baumann the family business

Our history stands for continuity and quality.

Foundation of Kolb & Baumann.

Kolb & Baumann was founded 70 years ago by Mr. August Baumann and Adolf Kolb.
From the beginning, the production of gauge blocks was in the foreground. At first, this was done painstakingly by hand; later, lapping machines were purchased or built in-house. This was supplemented by the development of gauge block accessories in the course of which, for example, the KOBA gauge block holder was patented.

Adolf Baumann joined the company.

Through his intensive commitment, KOBA has become a globally active company that is recognised in the industry.

Accreditation as a calibration laboratory.

As early as 1979, Kolb & Baumann became the 8th calibration laboratory in Germany to be accredited by the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB).
Today, accreditation for the measurand “length” includes gauge blocks up to 1000 mm nominal dimension, measuring equipment, gauges and plane glass plates.

Development and production of calibration standards.

In 1985, the development and manufacture of calibration standards for coordinate measuring technology emerged as a further field of activity.
KOBA is the only manufacturer worldwide to offer one-, two- and three-dimensional test specimens for tactile coordinate measuring machines. The latest member of this product group is the optical calibration standard “KOBA-optima” for checking and traceability of photogrammetry and theodolite measuring systems.

Delivery to more than 70 countries worldwide.

KOBA delivers to over 70 countries worldwide and is a supplier of gauge blocks and calibration standards to numerous state institutes.
Kolb & Baumann currently employs around 40 people at its Aschaffenburg site, most of whom work in production.

Family business in 4th generation.

Handover to the 4th generation Dipl.-Bw. (BA) Alexander Baumann-Rassokhatzkyi
KOBA is an independent, family-owned company.
The continuation as a medium-sized family business is secured by the entry of Dipl.-Bw. (BA) Alexander Baumann-Rassokhatzkyi joining the management.

Our products

Our precision starts where others stop. We distribute our products worldwide for your precision work in the μ-range. This high quality pays off for you and the higher investment is amortized in a short time. Our wide product range and individual customer solutions leave nothing to be desired.


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